Passionate about helping plan, design, and build out products in an agile and iterative fashion. To take ideas and stretch them, poke them, and mold them into an awesome combination that meets the need, is flexible, and maintainable.

Then deliver.

Let’s not mess around. Life is too short.

Experience Areas

  • Product Roadmaps / Prioritization
  • Overall System Architecture
  • Workflow / Tooling Integration
  • Requirements Definition / Refinement
  • Metrics / Analytics
  • Single Page Applications / UI Implementation
  • UX Design / Planning
  • API / Services
  • CLIs


  • Web Services -
  • Architecture -
  • Ruby - Sinatra / Rails
  • Clojure - Clojurescript / re-frame / reagent / compojure
  • Javascript - React / Ractive.js / Electron
  • Golang - CLIs / Services
  • C/C++

About the Name

When my children were little they all seemed to come up against green beans. Initially all were hesitant, what was good for them was unpalatable! Or so they thought. They just needed a little help re-imagining the situation.

Our children were told (slightly in jest) that the green beans were actually green french fries. And away they went!

That attempts to illustrate what is at the heart of GreenFryLabs - the desire to make what is good for you easy to embrace.

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