NYCCSC Map Viewer

NYCSCC Map Viewer

Leaflet/ SVG / D3 Mapping tool.


Built on a cloud of Cloudfront CDNs for performance and scalability.

S3 Elastic Transcoder Integration

Assisted client in converting their image and video uploading and storage from a commercial offering to a custom solution which greatly reduced expenses while increasing video resolution.

Backend consisted of AWS ElasticTranscoder, AWS Lambda, and AWS S3 integrations.

Server / UI was updating and changing an Ember.js application to incorporate the new uploader and display logic.

React UI interacting with repository and displaying MA-related climate change information.

Repository for resources related to climate change, their related geofocuses, and search capability for those resources.

Curation UI built with React / Redux. API built with Sinatra, Cloudsearch, and Postgres/GIS.